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6" Peach Hibiscus Stained Glass


10-PEA-6Sm Stained Glass Hibiscus 6" Peach Single $35.00

Stained Glass Hibiscus 6" Peach Single

6" Peach Hibiscus stained glass with grren leaves and yellow pistol accents to bring it to life. For the hibiscus lover in you or someone you love.

Original and Unique Art
Makes A Great Gift For Any Occasion
Brightens Up Any Sunny Area
Ships Right Away
Adds A Pop Of Color To Any Room

This 6" Peach hibiscus stained glass is a great addition to any hibiscus collection for yourself or someone you love. Brightens any window or other sunny places you have in the home or outside. Accented with green leaves and a yellow pistol.

If you like your Hibiscus as much as we do then you need this Stained Glass reminder around indoors as well...