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2-LTYEL-8Sin Stained Glass 8" Lt Yel Hibiscus $45.00

Stained Glass Hibiscus 8" Light Yellow Single

Big 8 inch Pale Yellow Hibiscus Stained Glass with green leaves and a yellow and orange pistol. For the hibiscus lover in you or someone you love. For your Home and patio.

Giant Handmade Stained Glass Hibiscus
Original and Unique Art
Makes A Great Gift For Any Occasion
Brightens Up Any Sunny Area
Ships Right Away
Adds A Pop Of Color To Any Room

Giant 8" Pale Yellow Stained Glass Hibiscus Flower which has beautiful light yellow glass petals with white streaks throughout.  Side View of a yellow Hibiscus with four green leaves that round the edges of the big petals.  Has unique yellow stamen with cute orange pistol to top it off!

Stained Glass version of our New Old Yella Hardy Hibiscus so you can have your favorite flower inside as well.