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TsunEuk Hibiscus Tsunami Eukelele $50.00

Hibiscus Tsunami Eukelele

Handpainted Eukelele featuring Hibiscus and a tsunami etc

Hibiscus Eukelele
Hand painted Eukelele
Makes A Great Gift

Handpainted Eukelele featuring a big lavendar 'Fantasia' Hibiscus flower with a looming octopus and tsunami below it on the front.  The back features another multicolored hibiscus with wavelike streaks over a japanese flag pattern.  Also has japanese characters for Hibiscus written at top of guitar and a colorful pistol/stamen on the back of the neck.  Waves spelling 'Flemings' on the sides of the Eukelele.

Bring this Hand painted Hibiscus Eukelele to your next Luau..