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JMGN-Paint-12 original 12 x 12 James Fleming Gnome Painting $175.00
GicJM-GNpaint-12 Giclee James Fleming Gnome Painting 12 x 12 $75.00

Gnome Painting Jim

This is a 12x 12 painting of our 'Jim Fleming' Gnome Charicature with his hybridizing specialty in background.  

Gnome Painting to cozy your Home

These 12 x 12 paintings of the Fleming Gnomes are coming soon.. For Indoors or Out (Giclee ) to influence your Greenthumb positively..

Buy a Giclee copy that looks almost exactly like original but cost less.. and coated for outdoor rooms.  

Allow 2 weeks plus transit time for the handcrafted Giclee copy to be made and delivered.

Fleming Gnome portraits that look like the Fleming Brothers!