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12x12 Bob Fleming Gnome Painting


12x12-BOB-GZ 12x12" Bob Fleming Gnome Acrylic Painting $175.00

12x12" Bob Fleming Gnome Acrylic Painting

Bob Fleming was the middle Fleming Brother, Manager of Flemings Flowers as well as the Crepe Myrtle Breeder of magically hardy dwarf Crepe bushes way ahead of his time...  He bred thousands of plants in his life and this painting is in honor of his life's work of  enhancing the true beauty of nature.  It has a caricacture of Bob surrounded by his beloved Crepe Myrtle Bush 'Coral Filli' and from his shovel streams the magical colors used in his hybridizing magic.  

Bob Fleming Painting
Gnome Painting

Painted with love by Gretchen Zwetzig, this 12" by 12" acrylic painting is in honor of Bob Fleming the middle Fleming Brother who has a rainbow of colors flowing from his shovel to the Crepe Myrtle much like in real life.  The rainbow continues to the sides of the painting to become a colorful frame.

Adorn your wall with a quaint painting of a sweet world renowned Crepe Myrtle Hybridizer and his beautiful achievement.