Living Gnomes

The Story of Flemings

Jim Bob and Dave Fleming couldn't have looked any more like living gnomes with their short stature just above 5 foot, their carefully crafted goatees, wide brimmed hats and coveralls.   They also couldn't have seemed more like real gnomes in their personalities with seemingly magical talents.  They are world renowned plant breeders because they hybridized giant flowered Hibiscus with purple and red leaves, lavendar and yellow flowers, a compact stature not unlike their own and all of these were characteristics previously thought unattainable in the species.  They bred the sturdiest perennial plants including Mums, Ajuga, Caryopteris, Crepe Myrtle, etc that are all hardy to -30 degrees Fahrenheit and have the ability to withstand drought and extremes.   Above all, the Fleming Brothers had the biggest hearts, fighting on Omaha Beach in WWII and putting the happiness of their customers above any financial concerns and that's what made them great and most like 'Living Gnomes'.

The Brothers wanted the nursery they founded in 1947 to continue the way they envisioned and we strive not only to do so but to honor them in every way possible as we keep breeding the most unique plants the way they taught us over many years and we hope our new handcrafted products please our customers as well.