History of Flemings

Flemings Flower Fields was founded in 1947 by Jim, Bob and Dave Fleming in Omaha and then Lincoln Nebraska.They quickly became known for their 1000s of winter hardy giant flowered Chrysanthemums and sustainable perennials galore...The brothers printed their own catalogs, type set by Dave, the youngest on a mimeograph. They were in all of the magazines of the time and in the local papers in Omaha and Lincoln for their superior hybrids. Jim and Bob spent alot of time at the UN-Lincoln and at KState teaching after earning degrees in Botany, Plant Pathology and Genetics. Dave was a successful electical engineer on the side. The World War II Vets dedicated spending the rest of their lives creating happiness and peace through their flowers.

Though they loved many perennials and excelled at their development, Jim was partial to winter hardy Carnations and created the industry standards: 'Spotty', 'Dotty', 'Snowflurries', 'Double Spotty', Bizarre Spotty' and also focused genetic influence over the amazing Hardy Hibiscus the were developing to revolutionize that market before its time.

Bob loved all perennials and flowers but one of his achievements was the creation of the never-before-thought-possible Dwarf and Winter Hardy Crapemyrtle. Hardy to -30 F, this crapemyrtle took Bob and the Boys over 40 years to develop into the beauties we sell today, the Fleming Filligree Crapemyrtle tm.These new little Gems are only 1-2 1/2 feet tall instead of all the others at 4 foot and above. They have a sophisticated look with their spiraling habit and overflowing mounds of Crepe flowers in Bright Red, Coral Pink or Violet purple. Check out our new Bonsai's of Bob's Famous Crepes!

Dave was what we called, The 'Hibiscus King'. The Electrical Engineer, had the magical ability to develop Hardy Hibiscus like world had never seen or thought possible...New, 3 to 4 foot winter hardy Hibiscus instead of the 6-8 foot monsters of the past; Purple and Red leaves of all new shapes and sizes like 'Maple', 'Palm', 'Heartshaped', 'Hydrangea', etc.; Now with Daves Hybridizing magic the H. Moscheutos or Winter Hardy Hibiscus had giant 10-12 inch flowers with brand new colors in species like Yellow and Purple. And the real cincher, the Fleming Winter Hardiness to -30 Fahrenheit.  Our patented Hibiscus trendsetters revolutionized the Garden Market Worldwide in 2002 and are the standard that people try to copy but just can't. Nothing brings happiness in your garden like the unveiling of a 12 inch flowered Fleming Hibiscus Masterpiece.

The Brothers fulfilled all of their dreams with Flemings Flower Fields and brought such happiness to their customers which in return brought them the most happiness. They hired us after hiring a long line of garderners that they hoped would become their apprentice and carry on their work.  We came from and Art and Landscaping backgrounds Gretchen Zwetzig, Kerry Cooper, Joe Schafer and the Brothers and just clicked and had the same world views about putting others first in business. They were the  three sweetest Professors you could imagine and they taught us everything we know about plants, perennials and hybridizing including some secret techniques.. We couldn't be more proud to continue the important work of this stellar small business in trying to invent more unique and quality Fleming Hybrids reflecting the same ethical standards that the Flemings taught us and that we still respect so much.

When you shop at Flemings, we think you will be able to tell how much we love Hibiscus, Crapemyrtle, quality perennials and Handcrafted Art for your Home and Garden... inspired by the Flemings and all of our love of Hibiscus for over 70 years and growing. We work with local artists that create works of art in their own right that we can bring you along with our own works for what we hope is a reasonable price for the quality. We have spent many years developing our new Garden Art products to enhance your experience in your Home Garden eScape. With our Plants and our Products we want you to 'Feel the Tropical Breeze No Matter Where you live'. Relax and Enjoy and We Thank You for Your Interest.