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Teal Blue 4" Stained Glass Hibiscus


8-Tea-4Sm Stained Glass Hibiscus 4" Teal Single $25.00

Stained Glass Hibiscus 4" Teal Single

A beautiful 4" Teal blue hibiscus for the hibiscus lover in you or someone you love. A great way to add some color to any space that needs it.

Original and Unique Art
Makes A Great Gift For Any Occasion
Brightens Up Any Sunny Area
Ships Right Away
Adds A Pop Of Color To Any Room

This small 4" handmade teal blue hibiscus stained glass art will fit anywhere. It has green leaves and a yellow raised pistol to help bring it to life. It is a fun piece to help you keep your garden close to you all year long and will give you a lifetime of blooms.

If you like your Hibiscus as much as we do then you need this Stained Glass reminder around indoors as well...