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12x24" Fantasia Stamen Close Up


12x24 Fant-Stamen 12x24" Fantasia Raised Stamen Close Up $225.00

12x24" Fantasia Impasto Hibiscus Stamen Close Up

Beautiful 12x24" Handpainted original hibiscus 'Fantasia' painting with an impasto stamen.  By Gretchen Zwetzig. 

Hand Painted Original Artwork
Makes A Great Gift
Great For Any Space
For the Hibiscus Lover In You Or Someone You Love

One of a kind 12"wide by 24" long acrylic imapsto painting a close on the stamen of the first lavendar hardy Hibiscus flower on the market 

named 'Fantasia'.  Hybridized by the Fleming Brothers and released in 2000, every aspect of this graceful, lavendar-grey flower is worth capturing and 

this close up shows how cool the colors and textures of this lavendar Hibiscus are in 3-D!  Buy the real thing to go with it in Hardy Hibiscus so you can have on outside and a nice detailed reminder inside.  

A great way to your Hibiscus flowers inside for the whole year without worrying about how much to water it...