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Certified Organic Washington Navels


Org-Oranges Organic Oranges $36.00
Org Oranges small Organic Oranges Small Box $20.00

Organic Washington Navel Oranges

100% Certified Organic Washington Navel Oranges.
Grown in Central Valley California Orange Belt Available January through April.
30% Higher in Vitamin C than conventionally grown.
Great for Juicing.
Delivered in a USPS Priority Box.
Large Box 15 lbs (between 20 - 30 Oranges).
Large Box with Tangos Approx. 16 lbs(20-30 Oranges with 8-10 Tango Clementines)
Small box available 8lbs (13 Oranges)
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Certified by Organic Certifiers

Did you know that our nursery is surrounded by 6 acres of 100% Certified Organic Washington Navel Oranges.  We love them so much we had to offer them to our friends and customers.  Do not miss the chance to have your taste buds blown away.  They are available from Late December through April. Grown in the San Joaquin Valley, California. Place your order now and receive them when they are ready! 

Boost Your Vitamin C and Energy! 30% More Vitamin C Than Conventionally Grown Oranges!!! Kids Love Them And They Are Better Than Candy!!!