'Landscape in a Box' is a new concept from our business Partner Joe Schafer who has had over 20 years of landscape and design experience.

We can put together a box of 5, gallon size plants of different combinations that will landscape an apx 10 x 10 area of space.  That one small landscape would cost apx $ 25 dollars in shipping and we will give you one of the 5 plants free or you can substitute one plant for one of our designated landscape decorations, whether it be a garden Tiki or something else.  Add another box or two to expand your landscape accordingly.

Give Joe Schafer a call at:  559-788-8597.   Describe your lanscape area or email us pictues of what you're working with and for a small fee, Joe can design a landscape using the Fleming Hybrids that you desire mixed with any other suggestions of shrubs etc that fit your Zone.  Colorful and sustainable landscaping is our business.   Joe has designed all of the professional Japanese landscaping at our nursery in California and has a knack for complimenting any home with his unique designs.