About Us

A short history of Fleming's Flower Fields

Fleming's Flower Fields was founded in 1947 by Jim, Bob and Dave Fleming in Lincoln, NE.  They were some of the country's first hybridizers of perennial plants and sold them wholesale, retail and mailorder like we still do today.  They also helped to create the basis of the perennial industry by showing that perennials were a valuable commodity to the gardener and landscape alike.  They were true hybridizers who didn't use patented plants in their crosses but  challenged themselves to create cultivars that were "hard- to- get", original and unlike anything that was already on the market.  They bred some of the early classics like, 'Burgundy Glow', Ajuga'Spotty', Dianthus; 'Bluebird', Caryopteris and 1000s of other truly hardy Mums and perennials.  The Fleming Hardy Hibiscus™ and the Fleming Filligree Crapemyrtle™ have been in the making for over 60 years and tested for over ten years all around the country and are the culmination of all of the Flemings groundbreaking work and basis for our fantastic future hybrids..

The Flemings passed on their knowledge to their apprentices Gretchen Zwetzig, Kerry Cooper and Joe Schafer.   They now work tirelessly to protect the Fleming legacy from being forgotten while also adding more unique hybrids, using their years of experience to acheive new crosses and to select seedlings determined to be the most reliable and colorful on the market. 

We are known for purple leaves, compact plants, new flower colors in winter hardy Hibiscus like purple and yellow with hardiness to -30 degrees Fahrenheit.  Be on the look out for more unbelievable advances in winter hardy Hibiscus and dwarf and hardy Crapemyrtle...

And now also be on the lookout for new Hibiscus inspired products like our handcarved Hibiscus Tikis, Indoor/Outdoor Paintings by the Fleming Hybridizers and more...

Welcome to Flemings Hibiscus Hut!

We sell Retail Mailorder and Wholesale as well.

Because Fleming's Flower Fields, LLC has the same owner as the hybridizing nursery, Fleming's Flower Fields, Inc., you know that you will recieve the best quality plants with the most experience and know-how in their mix, because we want to personally help supply the demand for our classic hybrids and put the gardener first We want to keep our standard of quality and excellence a standard in the market.