Our Plants

The Plant Breeders at Fleming's are picky about the Hybrids we breed, select and sell..

 Here at our Online Garden Center we offer our Fleming Hybrids™; famous for winter hardiness to -30 F:  1. Fleming Hardy and Dwarf Hardy Hibiscus™ with our Signature compact size (3 and 4 1/2 feet), Purple and Red leaves, 12" flowers in colors of Purple, Yellow, streaks Bi-color and more.  2. Fleming Crapemyrtle™ are the most compact at 2 1/2 feet and under and the most winter hardy in the world.  3. Fleming Perennials and shrubs™ include our Shrub Hibiscus, and our other Hybrids. 4. Classic Hardy Mums™ and our New Fleming Bonsai™ are Classic and Reliable in extremes as well.  Though these are not our hybrids and are for Zone 9 and higher, we have also added Hybrid Tropical Hibiscus to extend the Hibiscus flower colors we offer you to Blue and Orange.    Our 'Fleming Favorites' include other stunning plants besides our hybrids for your Easy-Care Tropical Looking garden,  North or South,  no matter how extreme your winter or summer weather..    Also check out: Care of.., Landcape in a Box and Gift Certificates.  If you are a Garden Center, you will find a resource here for all of the other Licensed growers of the Fleming Hybrids™ so we can make sure to supply your needs even if we can't supply them all directly.  We want you to know that we grow all of our Plants organically for your safety and for the earths well being.  We DO NOT USE ANY CHEMICALS THAT CAN AFFECT YOU OR THE BEES, etc IN A NEGATIVE WAY.  We are 100%  organic!  No pesticides, growth regulators, etc. used.  Plants are true to type and completely safe.