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Growers of revolutionary Hibiscus & Crapemyrtle hybrids

Our Fleming Hybrids ™ will revolutionize your landscape

          SUMMER SPECIAL:  Robert Flemings or Pink Comets for $50.00 + shipping and handling

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Fleming's Flower Fields is a 60 year old hybridizing nursery that has revolutionized the market for compact Hardy Hibiscus and Hardy Crapemyrtle. Since the release of our first patented Hibiscus, including purple leaved classics like 'Kopper King', 'Fireball',  and 'Plum Crazy' there has been an increasing popularity and demand for our Hardy Hibiscus which we now help supply ourselves.  We will still be hybridizing for you, but now Fleming's Flower Fields LLC will also be propagating and selling the best wholesale plugs (for your quick profit).  We also offer the best retail mailorder of our hybrids available through this online retail store.  Since these plants come straight from the hybridizer, any rewholesaler, gardencenter, home gardener or landscaper can rest assured that they will receive top quality plants.  We also grow finished sizes for garden centers available in 1, 2 and 3 gallons. The Fleming Hybrids™ are the showpieces and standards of any landscape that will turn your garden into an outdoor gallery.  They are so easy to care for and grow, you can plant them spring, summer or fall knowing that they will return year after year for up to 20 years.  What a bargain..

The Fleming Brothers were original hybridizers, like the "Van Gogh's" of the garden industry, with there colorful perennial classics.  Not only did they create some of the most stunning and colorful perennial plants of our day, but set a standard for plant quality that is unparalleled.  Each of our hybrids are preselected and grown for 5 to 10 years each before it's final selection based on true originality and performance.  Fleming's Flower Fields is committed to upholding this legacy of the Fleming Brothers by continuing to offer new selections and providing you with "true to type" hybrids the way only a master hybridizer can..  Please visit www.homeofhibiscus.com for more history and information on care.


Did you know that Fleming's Flower Fields was located on a 7 acre certified organic orange grove?  Grown on nearly 100 year old Washington Navel trees, the fruit from our grove is so delicious that we have decided to offer it direct to the public for the first time this year.  Available from Dec-May (while supplies last), they make a perfect holiday or birthday gift or provide you with an extra boost of Vitamin C when you need it the most. Available in 15 Lb boxes at $35.00 with shipping included.  Please contact us toll free at, 1-855-442-4488 (855- Hibi-Hut) 559-920-1476 or email kerry@flemingsflowers.com to place your order today!




Fleming's Flower Fields is the true home of the Hardy Hibiscus and has done more work in Hardy Hibiscus than any other breeder for over 60 years and counting!  This intense breeding in Hardy Hibiscus and Dwarf and Hardy Crepe Myrtle has led to the following lists of "Firsts" in these species and are a list a reasons why you should feature them in your garden:

"Trademark" Characteristics of the Fleming Hardy Hibiscus™ and the Fleming Dwarf and Hardy Crepemyrtle™:

  1. The first and only solid red and purple leaves in Hardy Hibiscus with new leaf shapes, such as "Maple", "Palm", and "Hydrangea"
  2. A new compact size of 4 feet and under with some only 1 1/2 feet tall; 3 feet on average and rounded; perfect for the landscape or patio pot..
  3. Super hardiness to -30 degrees Fahrenheit!
  4. Thicker, more overlapping flowers of white, pink, red, and our new colors of yellow and lavender(and everything in between)
  5. Floriferous blooming from the top to the bottom of the plants
  6. 1st and only 1 to 1 1/2 foot tall Crepe Myrtle plants
  7. Hardy to -30 degrees Fahrenheit!
  8. Full, Spiralling growth habit
  9. Large Red, Coral and Violet floriferous blooms
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